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The Bath & Wiltshire Parent Magazine "The Country Midwife – providing pre- and post-natal care for new mums and mums-to-be"

Read the Full Interview, as featured in the Bath & Wiltshire Parent Magazine.

Esthea Wortham speaks to Ian Waller about her decision to start up The Country Midwife, offering bespoke support to new mums across the Bath area.

For Esthea Wortham, the reason behind starting up a business to support new mums and mums-to-be came about after witnessing the significant gaps in postnatal care that a privatised service could better address.

“After a decade of working within the NHS, predominantly as a community midwife, I recognised that NHS workers are often constrained by resources, particularly in postnatal care, leaving many new mothers feeling unsupported during an especially vulnerable time,” she explained.

“Mothers need more than just clinical checks; they require encouragement, reassurance and nurturing in their new role. The societal pressures on new mothers today are immense, impacting their mental health. Inspired by the personalised, comprehensive care of the 1950’s Call the Midwife era, I founded The Country Midwife to provide holistic support to the new families in our community.”

When asked what she means by a holistic approach, Esthea answers, “Childbirth is as much an emotional and psychological journey as it is a physical one. Our holistic approach includes addressing the emotional aspects of childbirth, providing a listening ear and offering guidance and reassurance throughout the process, without judgement.

“Our journeys into motherhood might all start off differently but ultimately, we are all facing the same challenges, juggling many balls in our new role with the added mix of huge emotional changes which take place in becoming a new mother.

“We understand that a mother’s mental health is crucial to her overall wellbeing and the health of her baby. By building a supportive network around each mother, we ensure that she never feels alone or overwhelmed. Our care extends beyond pregnancy and birth, fostering long-term relationships that provide ongoing support and nurturing.”

The result is that The Country Midwife offers a range of services that include –

A range of postnatal care services tailored to meet the unique needs of each mother and baby. Whether it’s additional home visits, breastfeeding support or simply providing a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on, Esthea and her team are there to ensure that no mother feels alone or overwhelmed.

The Country Midwife works from a starting point that comprehensive support begins long before the baby arrives. Her one-to-one antenatal classes provide personalised education tailored to each woman’s specific needs, helping to demystify the birthing process and empower mothers-to-be with knowledge and confidence.

The Country Midwife also offers group hypnobirthing classes, which is a comprehensive pre-birth program focused on relaxation and visualisation techniques designed to reduce fear and anxiety during childbirth. This approach promotes a calm and peaceful birthing environment, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of birth trauma.

Breastfeeding support is another cornerstone of the services available. Many new mothers find breastfeeding challenging, and Esthea’s team of experienced midwives provide practical advice and hands-on assistance to ensure mothers and babies can establish a successful breastfeeding relationship.

From her wide experience of midwifery, Esthea is able to identify the prime factors that cause concern and stress for mums-to-be and new mums.

“The most common challenges include difficulties with sleep, feeding issues and recovery from traumatic births. Many of our clients find us online in the middle of the night, scrolling desperately for support with these exact problems. They often have endured long, challenging births and are seeking help to recover and restore a sense of calm and control in their lives. They want life to feel manageable again."

“This is where The Country Midwife comes into play. We offer practical support with breastfeeding, guidance on establishing sleep routines and comprehensive postnatal care to aid in recovery. Our personalised approach ensures that each mother receives the encouragement, reassurance and practical help she needs. By addressing these challenges directly in their own homes, we help new mothers regain confidence and find balance in their new roles, making their journey into motherhood smoother and more enjoyable."

“We offer a range of postnatal care services tailored to meet the unique needs of each family. Whether it’s regular home visits, breastfeeding support or simply providing a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on, we are here to ensure that no mother feels alone or overwhelmed."

Pre-birth Education

“However, it’s also so important to recognise that pre-birth education is vitally important. Ensuring that women receive the education they deserve is crucial for them to understand the healthcare system, the implications of policies, and the limitations of individualised care. This understanding can profoundly influence their birthing experience and overall satisfaction with the care they receive."

“Similarly, the harsh reality is that we are seeing high numbers of women traumatised by their birth experiences. This often stems from a lack of informed choice and inadequate support. At The Country Midwife, much of what we do is supporting women who have been through birth trauma, helping them to heal and regain confidence in their bodies and the birthing process.”

“Our bespoke packages mean you get to decide on how much support you require. Whether that be daytime visits, evening support or overnight. We have experience of working with families whose babies have been in NICU and require ongoing therapy at home and families who have welcomed multiples or premature babies."

“This support happens right where new mums feel most at ease—in the cosy comfort of their own homes. Picture this: no need to get out of bed or even change out of those comfy pyjamas! Forget about time pressures and the hassle of leaving the house. Instead, our midwives come to you, ready to lend a hand with meal prep, laundry and getting your baby to sleep (yes, we know that sounds like magic).

“It’s like having a fairy godmother for those first whirlwind weeks of motherhood, complete with a nurturing touch and a sprinkle of practical advice!”

Esthea and her team at The Country Midwife typically support families within a 15 mile radius of Bath. However, with new midwives soon to be added to the team, this coverage is set to increase, with one-to-one educational support and advice services are also offered online via video call.

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