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 Hypnobirthing Class


Supporting you to have a calm and natural birth, together.

Why choose hypnobirthing?

I have witnessed first-hand how transformational hypnobirthing can be for mothers in labour and truly believe this is the best and most accessible technique to overcoming birth fear: helping you to have a calm and more comfortable birth.


Hypnobirthing can reduce the need for pain relief, shorten the time spent in labour and is even recognised to help mothers experience a natural drug free birth.  The course actively involves fathers and birth partners, recognising their role as an essential part of your relaxation and protector of your birth.


Baby's born to mothers who have hypnobirthed often report their gentle arrival promoted an overall  calmness, success with breastfeeding and better sleep.

What will I learn?

Breathing exercises


Deep relaxations

Positive birth affirmations




Massage techniques to release tension


A simple practice regime to support you at home


How your birth partner can support you


The simple physiology of labour and birth

The connection between mind and body

How to release fear and build confidence

How ‘the maternity system’ you find yourself in works and how to work with it to achieve the best result for you and your baby

Pregnant woman with beautiful belly makes notes or check list in paper diary. Concepts of

Frome Hypnobirthing Course

Spring 2022

Beckington Memorial Hall, Frome.

Dates to be confirmed.

Please contact to register your interest.

Session One: The Logic of KGHypnobirthing

Session Two: Techniques for relaxation

Session Three: Before Birth

Session Four: The Birth



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