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Meet Esthea,
The Country Midwife

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Welcome to my midwifery practice, where my philosophy centres on providing you with personalised, compassionate support and education throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postnatal journey. I understand that each family has unique anxieties, dreams, and expectations about childbirth. My role is to offer you the time and space to explore these feelings, helping you overcome any fears and make well-informed plans for your labour and birth.

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My Story

Let me share a bit of my own story. As a plus-size woman, I faced numerous challenges during my pregnancies. Navigating the NHS system was often daunting, with frequent reminders of risks and potential complications. Despite these obstacles, I was determined to have the birth experience I envisioned. I longed for a calm, empowering water birth—a choice that felt right for me and my babies.


With unwavering resolve, I educated myself on my options, sought supportive healthcare providers, and advocated for my preferences at every turn. When the day finally arrived, I was able to achieve water births for both of my children. These experiences were transformative, teaching me the profound importance of individualised care and the need to be treated with respect and dignity. I bring this understanding into my practice, ensuring that you feel seen, heard, and supported every step of the way.

Meet Chloe,
New Team Midwife

​We are thrilled to welcome Chloe, who brings her nurturing spirit and holistic approach to postnatal support. Based in the charming town of Corsham, Wiltshire, Chloe lives with her lovely husband Sam and their delightful 2-year-old son, Solomon.

After training as a midwife in Edinburgh, Chloe has dedicated herself to supporting women outside of the traditional maternity system. With a diverse background that includes a BA in Drama (2015), a Masters in Music and Songwriting (2017) and a Masters in Midwifery (2023), she offers a unique and compassionate perspective. 

Chloe’s professional journey has seen her work in homelessness and social care, nannying, community networking, and as a pre-school worker. Each of these roles has deepened her understanding of the varied needs of women and families.

Chloe believes in the importance of supporting women through their transformative journey of matrescence, ensuring they feel empowered and understood. We are so excited to have her on our team and can’t wait for you to meet her! 


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