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Postnatal Home Support


Friendly professional advice and support, when you most need it.

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“The time and space you deserve to physically recover from birth and prioritise bonding with your new baby”

How can I support you?

Maternity Nurse

A bespoke service providing you with round the clock, flexible support in the early days with your newborn.  Choose from short visits, extended visits and/or overnight stays. Whatever your requirements to feel comfortable and calm in your new role.


Alternative Advice

I provide support with all aspects of infant feeding, including exclusive breastfeeding, combination feeding, formula feeding, expressing and problem solving any challenges to feeding, signposting you to additional services if required.

Breastfeeding Support

Some baby's arrive having read the breastfeeding manual and others need a little more support! Book in a private consultation during the first week with your new baby and together we will get your breastfeeding journey off to a flying start! Learn skills to tackle common problems like reflux and colic.

Child Development

Learn about the different stages of your baby's development in the early weeks. From sleep cycles to an awakening interest in exploring the world.

Night Nanny

Sleep in the knowledge that your little one is in safe and nurturing hands. Providing practical support with night feeds, winding, settling and nappy changes. Helping your baby to gently establish a routine. Experience with premature babies and multiples.

Practical Assistance

I will take care of your baby whilst you take a much earned rest,  assist you with practical house chores, prepare meals and overall be there as an emotional support, offering you unbiased advice and information.

Postnatal home support, maternity night nurse, maternity nurse, breastfeeding support, Bath, Frome, Somerset, Wiltshire, The Cotswolds

Maternity Nurse / Night Nanny Service

A deposit will be required to secure your booking and my exclusivity around the time of your baby's due date.



Breastfeeding Consultation


2.5 hours


Home visit - if local to Bath/Frome.

Also offered online.



Postnatal Reassurance Visit


This holistic consultation will give you an opportunity to discuss and reflect on your recent birth experience. Provide you with useful tips to support your recovery, and offer you reassurance and encouragement regarding your feeding options and techniques.

1.5 hours


Home visit - if local to Bath/Frome.

Also offered online.



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