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Adrenaline. Your body's "fight or flight" response.

Feeling worried and anxious about birth but haven’t yet done any birth preparation?

You’re setting yourself up for a rollercoaster of a labour, loaded with adrenaline!

Let’s explore a few facts about adrenaline… and overcoming birth fear, for a momentous, oxytocin fuelled birth!

Adrenaline: also known as the "fight or flight" hormone produced to ensure human survival.

Women who feel threatened and frightened during labour, consistently produce high levels of adrenaline. This has the biological effect of slowing labour down or halting it altogether.

The evolution of humanity relied upon this natural disruption to the birth process, protecting women from predation and other dangers, helping them to move to a place of safety before birth.

High levels of adrenaline can cause problems in labour and birth by:

  • Causing distress to the baby before birth.

  • Causing contractions to stop, slow or have an erratic pattern, and lengthening labour.

  • Creating a sense of panic and increasing pain in the mother.

  • Leading health care providers to respond to these problems with emergency measures and intervention.

Keep your labour and birth adrenaline free by:

  • Staying calm, comfortable and relaxed.

  • Being informed and prepared.

  • Having trust and confidence in your body’s natural capabilities to birth your baby.

  • Having trust and confidence in your care providers and birth setting.

  • Being in a calm, peaceful and private environment.

  • Avoiding conflict during the process.

  • Choosing a birth partner who gives you comfort, reliable information, positive words and complete support.

  • Avoiding intrusive, painful and disruptive procedures.

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