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Birth Environment

A birth environment that is calming and reduces stress supports physiological birth. (Buckley, 2015).

In hypnobirthing, we talk a lot about promoting the release of oxytocin. Why? Because, we know that in order for the body to produce effective powerful uterine contractions, oxytocin release is vital.

If we are stressed at any point during our labour, oxytocin release is impeded by cortisol (the fight or flight hormone) thus slowing labour and making it more painful.

Whether you choose to labour at home, in a midwife led birthing centre or on a hospital delivery suite, your birth environment can have the biggest impact on your birth experience.

So, what makes for the perfect birth environment?

Just 5 things:

• Warmth

• Safety

• Privacy

• Peace and quiet

• Dark

What did your birth environment look like?

Or, have you considered what will help you relax during labour?

Please comment below.

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